We create products for the uncompromising customer

At Moneberge, we are focused on creating unique lifestyle products for the European and North American market. We are committed on giving our customers high quality goods at the best possible prices through an efficient product development cycle.  By championing the customer throughout the product development and sales process, we aim to be a highly rated online vendor by both suppliers and clients. Customer satisfaction ranks above everything else in our corporate philosophy. We do not sell items we wouldn’t use ourselves.

We believe in:

  • Championing the customer
  • Building lasting relationships
  • Standing by our word


In addition, it is our goal to develop products that are not just environmentally friendly, but contribute to a greener lifestyle. There is no Planet B and we all have to take responsibility in saving ours.

Estonia. Producing Excellence.

We are located in the Northern European country of Estonia, situated by the Baltic Sea, neighbouring Sweden, Finland, Russia, and Latvia.

A land of forests and clean air, it is also the most digitally advanced society in the world as well as a start-up hotspot.

Estonia has a lot of untouched nature and a low population density. This is very rare in today’s world. We know how to care for our environment and we are proud of it. For this reason we make sure that our products are environmentally friendly.

Estonia is the first country to function as a digital service. Our citizens and e-residents can get things done fast and efficiently. A number of world-renowned technology companies were born in Estonia and the nation boasts more thriving start-up companies per capita than anywhere else in Europe.

Estonia is a high income economy and a member of the European Union and OECD.